Rebound page 167

March 11, 2015

Hey, so, since things are going alright at the moment and since I’m really tired of this comic not updating, I’m gonna try to establish a regular update schedule again.

I think it’s realistic to aim for updating every other Monday, so that’s the plan right now and then I’ll see how it goes. I’m not counting this week so that means next update should be on the 30th of March. See you then.


Don’t worry, just take your time. For example, I do not want to read comics if I know that authors have difficulties.
I hope I tell you my meaning correctly, I am not very good in English.

Haha waiter always comes at the best times :P
Great job though, it’s a great way to start of my morning finding a new page up. Keep up the good work, I can totally understand the stress of managing things you want to do with all the other things that need done, like the others said don’t push yourself too much.

If you need to take extra time to make sure the updates are as well done as they are, then take it. I’ll admit, I’m one of the people who obsessively checks the site every few days to see if there’s a new page, but I have never begrudged you the need to take a bit longer in order to prevent yourself from going (even more?) insane.

On a side note…am I the only one who sang, “But I know I love you” after Lance says, “I don’t much” in the first panel?

I don’t think taking half a year to make a page is “a bit long”, though. I have a problem with that so now I’m trying something different. If that doesn’t work I can change it again, it’s just an experiment at this point. I have never halfassed these comic pages and I’m not gonna start now, it has nothing to do with that.
Sorry if I sound really snappy, but I’m tired of people telling me to take my time when take my time = half a year. It isn’t very encouraging.
I want to get things rolling again, that’s all.

Nope, you don’t sound snappy at all, and I can definitely see what you mean. I’ve enjoyed your comic immensely and am always thrilled to see a new page. Would I be happy to see faster updates? Heck, yeah! I guess what I meant to say was how I’ve always appreciated how you’ve never sacrificed the quality of your comic. I love it. Love. It. It wasn’t intended for my statement to come across as encouraging you to take your time, especially when you don’t want to. More updates would definitely be filled with super levels of awesome and I really hope it works out.

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