Rebound page 169

April 20, 2015

Man, I could talk at length about Nicole in this scene, but I’ll just let you make your own conclusions.

I guess I haven’t mentioned here before that we put some new stickers up in our store some time ago. Check ’em out.


You do WONDERS with Lance’s expressions; I can’t tell if I should be trying to hug him or be…afraid of him? I love it. Also, Nicole, I love you.

awsome another update can’t wait to see more of how this story will progress and the art in this is wonderful and he really is shy my goodness

Ahahah, this page is so lovely. Lance’s face of uncomfort in the 7th panel makes me chuckle. Poor kid, heh.
(Also, can I just say that the dialogue here is tremendous – flows well and feels genuine, super great!)

Nicole will watch his food, sure, while it is going into her mouth. I kid, I kid. I half expected Nicole to spill some of that water as she’s calling herself an airhead.

And oooooooh do we get to see Lance’s angel “growing pains”? Would be neat to see the process of becoming a new angel. We already saw Rex de…angelfying in the flashback.

I think I’ve been following this comic since at least 2012 and I’m really glad that it’s continuing (: I’m really interested to see where this story goes.

Also I’m really jealous of Nicole’s scarf.

So I see it’s been almost two months since an update. Is the comic on a hiatus or something else? This has been a most interesting read that I discovered yesterday and would like to see more. :)

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