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July 31, 2009

Crazy bird ladies and now a weird lizard man? This is just too much for Steve to handle. Bye bye Steve.

Yay, I got my admission letter from my new school yesterday. Going back to school on the 31st of August. Now I just have to find myself a laptop, but I’m still figuring out what to buy.
Man, even when you get paid to go education is expensive. It’s a good thing I’m secretly rich :P

Ooh, and August begins tomorrow. A new month means the Top Webcomics ranks are reset. We sneaked into the 130s by the end of this month, which is awesome, but you know what we’d really like? To make our way into the top 100!
So keep up the voting or start voting if you don’t already. It only takes two seconds and we pay you art in return :D

This good Friday I have some Balthazar doodles for you.


I’m glad to see Steve made it out alive! :)

Is Balthazar just going to let him run away? Don’t they need to track him down to get that extra info (panel 6)?

And is Lulu going to be let off the hook, or get court-martialled for hindering the flow of intelligence to a ranking officer? (Do the forces of Heaven even bother with that stuff? If they do, what would the typical sentence be?)

Nah, I think Balthazar thinks the poor guy should just be left alone. No reason to beat the info out of a panicky kid who probably can’t tell them anything more they don’t already know than what he has marked on the map.

Unless someone specifically turns Lulu in nothing is going to happen to her. That’s unlikely to happen; everyone knows cherubim are a pain to work with. That’s just how they roll :P
Should it be necessary to sentence a cherub I guess the only way to punish them would be to put them down. Like rabid dogs.

Well that was entertaining, made me laugh, watching Steve flee. Farewell, good minor character! You shall be remembered for your utter lack of fighting skills and amazing ‘D=’ face in panel 3.

Also, I really like the look balthazar has when Steve runs for it, it’s that look parents get when their children just broke something expensive… heh, the Cherbs do remind me of a herd of teenagers, I mean, just look at how sullen they are in the last panel.

Also, if the Cherbs are like the bog standard slightly evil guys who do heavens dirty work and kill random messangers (boo, hiss etc.) does that mean the deamons have an equivilant, or are hells goons the vampires?

Actually, you know what would be awesome? If hell’s minions were internet trolls, who spread corruption via being annoying and mean via forums! Actually maybe not, because they would be a hell of a lot of them. =P

Hell is Maia’s department, but I can tell you that Hell is pretty much completely unorganized. Demons go around their own business, but most of them are born with a natural instinct to destroy and take over things which are not theirs. I guess a lot of demons are also really jealous of mortals over the whole being able to live forever thing.
The vampires are not Hell’s goons, they are a mortal race. But since they hail from demons some of them have inherited that urge to be cruel little tyrants.

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