Rebound page 177

March 24, 2016

Erh, I changed my mind about not outlining the speech bubbles. Still just figuring out how to switch things around a bit I guess.


Wow, that was really quickly done, Gitte! :D Also this is ridiculous but I have only just realised the doggy-faced angel has four arms…

Is it possible his sin was taken by another soul vampire.

If you recall waaaaay back to when lance arrived at heaven and first met Paolo he was followed by a mangled dog thing…he thought it was his virtue but Paolo gave it once glance and ushered the kid away from it so it could be either a sin or a virtue. Either way it seemed to indicate he had enough of either left to get into heaven.

That mangled thing was his virtue after it was mangled through the ritual he died in/for. I guess this kind of ritual is reason enough to have a mangled virtue afterwards…

Ooh nice work with the speed of the update! Very nice quality of poses and body language, but I hope you can figure out how to work on the pages the way you like ;n;

The desk + phone + notebooks combination is giving me the chills … the 1980s Soviet Block administration chills … :P

It wasn’t what I had in mind when I drew this, but that comparison makes me kinda happy, because the Soviet Union is definitely one of my sources of inspiration for Heaven.

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