Rebound page 178

April 8, 2016

A bit more talk about soul vampires before we get to say hello to Faith~


I always wondered if there were virtue eaters. Now I know and man that is one scumbag thing to do to an innocent person.

Something’s telling me Lance will have a strange encounter with Faith.

Yeah, the sin eaters are mostly looking out for their own interests, thinking they’ll be better off by bypassing Heaven, but the virtue eaters? Stealing virtues fucks over both themselves and the people they steal from. You could say that it’s a faster way to bypass Heaven since they’ll throw you out on your ass faster than you’ll know what hit you once you die, but really they’re just devoted to throwing a wrench in the system because they’re a bunch of self-absorbed assholes.

I am just going to put this out there something weird is going to happen. I can’t shake the feeling that this kid is a trojan horse.

It would make sense. Lana said it wasn’t like Rex to base a plan around something as unlikely as killing the sacrifice. Perhaps Wrath’s summoning was just a distraction.

I don’t know why, but I just adore that woman in the hijab, she just looks so… serene? Like she’s just had a reassuring answer to a question that has weighed upon her for a very long time :3

Hey, I used to read your comic but when you guys started producing a lot slower I kind of forgot about it. I decided to check if you added any thing on a whim early this morning, I’m really happy to see you guys are still doing this! I’m going to have to find where I left off in the archives but I just want to say that this comic was always really pretty and well written, and that doesn’t seem to have changed! Thanks for the great comics!

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