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August 3, 2009

I think you just crossed the line there, Lulu.

Busy busy busy, I am running around like a headless chicken right now. At least I hope to get some stuff cleared out of the way today.

But hey, we almost managed to stay in the top 100 of the Top Webcomics list the entire weekend :D Thank you guys, that is so cool! Keep up the voting and maybe we can crawl up there again during the month.

Taking current events into consideration like the fact that both Maia and I recently made ourselves accounts on, that one of my drawings was featured as a ‘Daily Deviation’ on this Saturday (and got me a gazillion hits), and that we should get on the list sometime today, I think it is safe to say that we have lured some new readers over.

So hello new readers! Glad to have you here :)
You can leave a comment if you have something to say or be a real sweetheart and vote if you have two seconds to spare.

This Monday the voting incentive is a bit of a stupid inside joke. Go go afro Opal 8D


Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a really smart thing to say from anyone, much less a cherub.


Is our dear general a lizard or a dragon? Just curious of course! I love how Opal is a snow leapard “centaur” and even her eyes are blue and cat like. Very well thought out character designs!!

He’s not really supposed to be neither a dragon or a lizard. His species are basically mamals – Warm blooded, breastfeeds their children etc., so I guess it would be wrong to call him a lizard, but everyone in the comic does so anyway :P

Interesting, so more like a dinosaur (Whom I firmly believe were warm blooded)

Thanks for the clarification, he will be called neither ever again :D

See now that there right then would have been a brilliant point for Bally the non-lizard to go all ‘FALCON PUNCH!’ on Lulu. Oh well, missed oppertunities. And do I detect some dissent in the ranks? I do so wonder if this will show up later on as something significant? Eh, I’m sure nothing will happen. *Is extremely oblivious* =P

Also, I just realised that Balthazar the Non-lizard is wearing 5 seperate belts. Is this, like, a fashion thing or does he just have some very ill fitting trousers?… Actually, it looks as if it’s a boiler suit or something. Hmm… suspicious. Aaaand I’ve just turned into a fashion critic. AGAIN! Siiiigh.

“See now that there right then would have been a brilliant point for Bally the non-lizard to go all ‘FALCON PUNCH!’ on Lulu.”

I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. XD

In any conventional military, that is known as “insubordination”. punishments for insubordination include: anything your XO wants to do to you, excluding anything particularly cruel or unusual.
Given that this is a more medieval time period, “anything cruel and unusual” is still on the table.

I wouldn’t suggest you be insubordinate.

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