Rebound page 181

June 26, 2016

Really, it doesn’t make any difference if he gets that halo or not – Like Paolo said earlier, it’s mostly a formality. He’s just trying to be a good guardian and not make Lance feel even more ostracized over things that aren’t his fault. I bet this isn’t the first Kimeran problem child Paolo’s dealt with either.


Why is no one else suspicious? Lance himself is probably a good kid, but is it possible that his soul could be used to smuggle something bad into heaven? Or maybe Lance is the ultimate actor and somehow was smuggled into heaven himself. O_O

*conspiracy theories run amok*

A few pages ago, Safey suggested that he might be a trojan horse. I’d say you’re not the only one who’s suspicious.

ive been thinking the exact same thing, its probably why he acts kinda awkward around everyone. He acts like someone that is trying to hide a secret and is uneasy about their surroundings.
and remember how they said he had an uncle or someone that was related to him that was in heaven? me thinks this “Uncle” could be another badie that he used to know and is trying to get to him to complete his “mission” here in heaven.

Has Lance told anyone how he died? That fact seems to be missing in these pages…kinda scary considering he was used in a summon to bring Wrath out.

The Wrath summoning ritual killed him? He was basically fried :I I suppose Balthazar or other people who were there have told the administration.

What’s the alternative to not giving Lance a halo? Keeping him isolated from everyone else? “Recycling” him?

They could isolate him until they found out what the ritual did to him, but that would be a bit cruel considering he hasn’t shown any signs of being a threat. They wouldn’t “recycle” him, that’s against the rules and only something Hell does. They don’t even do that to genuine soul eaters.

Anyway, the halo is irrelevant and doesn’t change what he can or can’t do. I suppose Paolo has insisted that Lance should have it to not feel even more out of place than he already does. Heaven might be keeping an eye on Lance, but as a guardian it’s still Paolo’s job to take care of him.

does anyone else get bad vibes from lance? (and faith for that matter) yes he was used in the ritual but something about him seems… off if I made into heaven after such a event I would be jumping for joy. how do we know lance is as innocent as he appears? his virtue is broken? idk if its me but I think theirs more to lance then meets the eye I’m calling it right now he’s doomed

P.S notice I didn’t specify what kind of doom so no matter what happens to him I predicted it lol

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