Rebound page 182

July 7, 2016

There you go, Lance.

It’s time for another scene change, but it might take some time before I get started on it since I’ve run out of thumbnails for new pages and I’m going out of the country for a bit. Well, let’s see how it goes.


Poor Lance. He’s in Heaven and he still reacts like he’s expecting to be abused.

Well the poor kid was abducted, probably roughed up and burnt to death in a ritual designed to bring about wrath. If that doesn’t leave you with mental scars nothing will.

Random question – how come Heaven doesn’t have like a Purgatory or a Quarantine for individuals like Lance? I mean I guess they probably haven’t had a real tragedy to fuel the need for what some might see as a senseless or cruel measure, but if Faith is uncertain, then perhaps the rest of Heaven should be as well?

They do – Lance’s own paradise is isolated and without a “real” halo he can’t leave on his own, so that’s where he’s gonna stay most of the time.
It’s like that for every new angel for many resons, including the off chance that they’d wish harm on Heaven but managed to get in anyway, like it’d be the case with some soul vampires.

What the…? Wow I’ve been so distracted by the gorgeous scenery the whole time that it’s taken me til now to notice Paolo has four arms. XD

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