Rebound page 184

November 6, 2016

You just can’t get a moment of peace.


Gotta ask…. What is with Balthazar’s markings on his halo?

The symbols are swastika. Swastika as in the symbol that has been used all over the world for over 10.000 years and is still common in relation to hinduism and buddhism, not as in the nazi swastika.

All angel generals have halos like that.

Are those mini swastika signs on his red halo? lol talk about subliminal message. And even you say its relation to hinduism and buddhism, its still very known as the nazis

Yes? I didn’t say that it wasn’t, I think everyone’s pretty familiar with the nazi swastika.
Burnouttx seemed to be wondering about the context for it, and as I said, the context here is the swastika as a religious and cultural symbol long before the WWII era.

Symbolism. Yeah, Hitler had a thing for collecting, perverting, and using religious symbols and ideology to help him project power over people. I just wanted to understand why he had it on his halo.

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