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June 8, 2009

Don’t shoot the messenger, Virtus.

This week’s incentive is a doodle of Lilith and her first born demon Nidhogg made by Maia, so go vote to see. Incentive pictures by Maia will probably be a regular thing in the future :)


It’s Orlando Bloom folks! Okay,now as soon as I saw him I thought “aww man! Elfs?” then “great mother of god he looks like Legolas!” then “Oh, well, he’s going to get his face chewed off by the big ol’ dude with horns and inconsistently emotioned armour!” Things are looking up!
Also, this is a matter of perspective I suppose, but it looks like he has paddle feet to me…
And I quite like how the other guy is just trying to very slowly shuffle his horse off into the distance before the VEINY HAND OF DOOM is used on him as well. I hearby petition that Ol’ Horn Head’s arm becomes a character as of itself. You know, like that arm from the Metal Gear games that posseses… Ocelot or someone? Ah whatever, trying to negotiate that games plotline will drive you more insane than watching the Baywatch Movie. *shudders*

Oh hell yeah, elfs! Don’t worry, we secretly hate them too, I Will make subtle hints about that XD
Yes! Someone noticed the other guy walking out on his buddy! I had great fun drawing that part back when.. you know… I drew it.

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