Rebound page 20

August 10, 2009

Opal tells Balthazar to take it easy.

Thank god for spam filters, we had over 200 spam comments rolling in yesterday! Some spambot out there must like us D:

It looks like we’re finally catching up on our huge backlog with the buffer pages, hurray! I know I don’t feel as stressed out anymore. Now the trick is to not fall behind again, but it is always tricky when real life starts knocking on your door.

Like I’ve mentioned before part of the reason we got out of our slump was because a couple friends of ours were kind enough to help out. The flatcolours on this page were filled in by Edith. I told her it didn’t really matter what colours she used since I would paint over them anyway, so when I got the page back the result was quite… interesting.


And yay :3 You’ve reached page 20!

That’s really a lot of spam.
And Go Edith!!

Oh yeah! And yay, we’ve reached page 20! *Is tired and didn’t even notice*

Now we have to celebrate :D

Cookies for everyone in my digital cookie stand!

Om nom digital cookies and celebration.

Yay Cookies! <3

*wanders over and notices all the cookies are gone from the stand*
*leaves in a huff*

Daww, I can just make some more! *Restocks the cookie stand*

:O Free foo~~oo~~ood!!!!!!!!!!!


What’s with Balthazar’s left eye? In all four panels where you can see it, that eye is closed. Is that a nevous twitch, or something else?

The eye has been like that on all the pages ;) And it’s like that because it’s missing and the eye muscles are ruined so he can’t open it at all.

… having just seen the voting incentive, now I think I know _why_ his eye is missing. o_O

I bet ‘the next’ is gonna smack them in the face in the next few pages.

By the way, your link to the Facebook Group is broken. I really want to join, but can’t :c

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