Rebound page 21

August 14, 2009

And with that we will (finally) leave the church.

Not much to say today. Vote for a WIP shot of a drawing Maia is working on.


I envy your ability to create a background crowd and keep them moving through the scene. I also enjoy the variety of Angels you have created – everything from typical animals to mythical creatures. Very stunning visually!

I like Opal, she seems to be the only character with her head screwed on properly. Who isn’t prone to bursts of blasphemy. Also yay exasperation on Bally’s face! It does look like you creator types are getting better at the facial expressions ‘n’ whatnot (backgrounds included, but Darwin stole that comment from me, curse you and your theory of evolution! *shakes fist*)

Hey, I see the effeminate priest from days of yor (over to the left, people who aren’t paying attention) I wonder who he’s talking to… probably someone who’s to polite to shove him out of the way I guess. Also I just realised, there is quite a tall grey dude in the background, looks a bit like an alien to me. Hmm…

Yeah, I was still kind of rusty after an extremely long art block when we started working on the comic so my journey towards unrustyness is probably noticable (it’s kind of hard for me to tell).

And that is indeed a classic grey alien in the background.

Speaking of aliens, what’s the blue hippo (?) thing under Opal’s speech buuble, in the last panel?

… and for that matter, who is the person leaning against the wall, in the center of the last panel? And who are the two red-halo-ed individuals just to the left of Opal and to the right of Bal in the last panel?

Blinks…what? Oh…LOL…

I didn’t steal anything…I was just here first…HEE!

Your post is much more eloquent than mine was!

Are those… swastikas on Balthazar’s halo in panel 3? o_O

Yes, and in all the panels hopefully :) Most of the time they’re just too small to see.

The swastikas have no relation to Nazi Germany, though. If that’s what makes you stop and wonder.

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