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August 17, 2009

Wow, the world is good at waking me up with bad news. An old friend of mine is all over the news because she and her boyfriend are wanted for murder. I can’t say that I know her anymore, but it makes me really sad that she apparently has become that much of a lost cause. Hell, the last time I talked to her a few years ago she was doing better.
I feel like crying right now :(

Oh well, because you can spot her on this page vote for some lineart of a picture I’m working on with an upcoming character.


First things first: Aaaaaah! Much sadness for you, mind you, bad stuff is all over the news, guess we just never really pay attention to it unless it affects us personally. O’ course it’s much worse when something terrible happens to you and society just pretends it nver happened at all… Anyway, it just goes to show that it takes all kinds to make a world I guess. *goes into shock when he realises he just tried being emotional*

In other news: huh, I guess Opal’s wings do make her fly, whodathunk it? Personally I blame magic for that. Hmm, I do wonder what she’s looking up at and saying oh my about. Giant bear, giant bear, giant bear, giant bear, c’moooon giant bear! And who’s this Duncan then, disposable plot relevant character 2 I assume?

Oh, man! I feel your pain on that one. We had something similar happen and very close to home (like on our property). *Commiserating hug* My only saving grace is ours didn’t end up on the 6 or 11 o’clock news…

That’s really too bad it’s come to that – and I think we all feel guilty, no matter how far removed we are from the situation that maybe, just maybe, there was something that could have been done to make a different outcome.

The page is great. I thought it might be the fluffy tail with the thigh high boots…but wasn’t sure. She looks like a very interesting character! Can’t wait to find out where this leads!

Wow I have to say as a christian this really attracted me.
I really love this so far, great profressional work. And.. as of today I am a new fan :)

To suddenly see long-lost friends show up like that, really does hurt. Take some time out of your day, to make sure you can get your sights on *the bright side of life*.


And now, it’s time for the weird, irrelevant question of the day:

Why are Balthazar’s wings green and yellow, while everyone else’s wings are white?

I’m alright, it just stung that’s all. It’s a good thing to have people to talk to who knew her as well.

And good question! Like I have probably spewed out before the angels’ ranks are displayed through their halos, but when it comes to the really high ranking angels in the various classes it is also displayed through their wings. That way nobody is in doubt that this person is someone you should respect :P
Anyway, all generals have these multicoloured reddish or orange-y wings.

why dose he have nazi swa stickers in his halo?
.. its been there since th ebegging of this comic and altho im engoing it ima little confused. sorry no insult intended but mind if i know why they are there?

Not at all, you’re welcome to ask.

The swastika is a really old symbol that has been used by a bunch of different cultures all over the world, not just by the Nazis. In the context of this comic it has about the same meaning as in hinduism, budhism and such eastern cultures – It means balance and protection from evil/bad luck.

All angel generals wear this symbol on their halos because they’re supposed to be protectors of the universal balance.

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