Rebound page 23

August 21, 2009

Things happen!

Note that starting next week we will update Mondays only!
This is because of me, Gitte, aka. the artist going back to school and therefore not having great amounts of time on my hands anymore.

It is sad to see the nice two-updates-a-week schedule go, but there’s just no way I can keep spewing out those two pages.

Today you can vote for an Opal sketch.


And in other news: Hello disposable goon with the doe-eyedness and the swanky dress, I think I will call you… Hugglesworth. Unless your a main character, in which case keep your other name, but I’ll always whisper Hugglesworth at you whenever you walk past.

Light > shadow. We all know that! It’s going down, now show us the GIANT. BEAR! One trak mind me, huh?

Contamination with sin can alter the nature of a location? … Cooooool! What else can it do?


Good luck in school!

Well if there’s enough corruption by sin, It can even drag an entire planet into hell, condemning all those who were living there to die a slowly and agonising death. :3

Thats….something… Wouldn’t one of those in a pet store, imagine trying to sell it.
“So, this sanke then, how much does it cost?”
“Well sir, this isn’t actually a snake, it’s an entity from the dimension of hell which has the sole purpose of destroying this entire world, and indeed everything alive. It has a soul made of evil and hellfire. Oh, and that would be £50 sir.”
“Ooookay, any special requiremnets, food habits?”
” Well, it does require a constant upkeep of innocent virgin souls unless you wish it to break free from it’s bonds and ravage the world, which would condemn you to the deapest depths of hell for all eternity. Oh, and you’ll need a soul tank, don’t want a pesky soul escaping and haunting your property sir!”
“Uuuuuh, yeah, no sale dude.”
“No? Well how about this puppy, only recently turned into a person mangling deity of destruction by having it’s soul, concious mind and hapiness syphoned by our soul snake, Steve? Sir? Oh blast it Steve! What did I tell you about killing the customers! *sigh* Fine, we’ll feed him to the carnivorous koalas.”

And it would be the greatest pet store ever. ^.^

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