Rebound page 24

August 24, 2009

Note that starting this week we will update Mondays only!
This is due to me, Gitte, aka. the artist going back to school and therefore not having great amounts of time on my hands anymore.

Voting incentives will be once a week too, but remember you can still vote every day if you feel like supporting the comic.

Today the incentive is a shadow dragon doodle. Go vote and make us happy :)


So! Not a snake then, but I stand by me saying that it would be rather hard to sell in a pet shop. And also: “No! You fools! Running only makes it angry!”

And it looks more like a wyvern than a dragon, ’cause I think wyverns are the ones with no legs. Although my mythology is a lil’ shaky. I maaaay also think that because I friggin’ hate dragons because they are so over used, and just want to pretend that it isn’t. Don’t destroy my fantasy! I want to believe!

Oh, and noice sound effect for it coming out of the forest. Sillyness, hurrah! Although whooosh would have been better…

Like the vampires who are not classic blood suckers these dragons are not really dragons in any classic sense. It’s just a name.
I absolutely hate the term ‘wyvern’ by the way. To me a dragon is a dragon no matter how many legs it has, they don’t have a specific way they must look. You can make a six legged chicken and call it a dragon, I honestly don’t care. ‘Dragon’ is just that broad a term.

Let’s see what the new pa- … hoooOOLLY CRAAAAAAP!!!!!!!

I’m not going to sleep tonight.


In other news, it was a bad idea for Bal to turn his good eye away from the shadow-whatever.

Hopefully, he won’t have to deal with super-severe consequences.

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