Rebound page 25

August 31, 2009

Super fast upload, whoosh!

I am about to return to a conversation with my mom about what a bitch life is over a bag of popcorn.

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Dang it! Beaten by Jackadelle! Curse you old man! Although I also want to say: “MEDIC!” just to fill in that. Although there’s probably something I could quote from Black Hawk Down if I felt like it…

And in other news: AWESOME sound effect! Always nice to see a good old “wham” in there, usually that space is taken by all these new fangled sound effects like “sock” and “pow” and “boink!” anyway, griffin dude is screwed. Comic casualty No. 1! I think I’ll try and keep track.

…heeeey, one of the dudes in panel one has jeans! What the friggin’ fudgebunnies? That’s just great though, angels do the whole fashion thing to! Huzzah!

Oh yeah: Om nom nom. Dragon >griffin, pity about that.Wonder what it was carrying, or is it like a pit stop for the tired angels who just sit on its back? Fill us in you creator types! Pwetty please? =D

Nothing beats a good old WHAM!

The gryphon is most likely carrying medical supplies and is otherwise very much a pit stop or ride for wounded angels. The gryphons are the healer angles’ trusty sidekicks :P

Lawd. It’s Jak.
And I’m not a guy! xD

Anywho, when this comic updates, I’m always able to comment before anyone else… I think.
Just see if I feel like saying something on this comic. xD;

I hearby retract my previous statement of damning your old man-itude, and my fail spelling. And various other thing which I’ve probably done wrong. Please don’t sue! *leaps behind nearest wall*

Dang american legal system, nearly got sued for causing someone mental anguish when I claimed I was king of Disney when I was over there turns out I wasn’t whodathunkit? probably doesn’t work like that, but they heard the accent and knew I wasn’t from round there. But they can’t touch me now! Possibly! Hopefully?


It looks (to me) like the dragon was trying to capture the griffin alive. … That can’t be good for the griffin.


great art work.
ps. good to know i’m not the only webcomic artist from around my parts (Danmark)
pps. donerer derfor snarest muligt.

held og lykke

Same to you! I only know of one other active webcomic artist from Denmark, but I guess I can make that two now, huh? :)
Great having you on board and thanks for considering donating – We could really use some money for establishing a small add campaign in the future, so every little bit helps :)

WOW…I wonder if the creature picked that griffin for a reason or if it was just a random attack?

This section of your comic reminds me a lot of Silent Kitty’s “Purgatory Tower” at least art wise. It was one of my favorites over on Drunk Duck. This one is proving just as intriguing!!

Can’t wait for more!!

Aaaaaand you led your forces straight into a trap, without any sort of contingency plan or method of dealing with it.

I question whether or not you’re actually a general. This could have been fixed by simply splitting your forces into two, and having them fly parallel to each-other at the distance of half a mile to a mile: far enough not to be caught in the same traps, close enough to assist the other force if they should be attacked. Standing orders should be to scatter and retreat upon meeting resistance, then regroup with the second squad for a counter-attack. Instead, this thing’s gonna maul your forces and everything’s going to suck because YOU DIDN’T PLAN FOR THIS.

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