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September 14, 2009

I have a lot of new website stuff to announce this week:

1) As you have probably already noticed we have chosen to sell some ad space through Project Wonderful. We are trying to scrape together some money for a future ad campaign of our own to increase our readership, and since we are both pretty horrendously broke at the moment, advertising seems like the best option.
If you guys have something to advertise for don’t be shy about taking advantage of the fact that you can get your ads here for super cheap :)

2) All of the comic pages are now 50×70 px bigger! Especially the text could be a bit hard on the eyes in the smaller format, so there you go.

3) There’s a lovely new piece of fanart in the gallery by Sachi Nakata :D
I also took the opportunity to incorporate the sleek Lightbox script with the gallery. It’s quite an improvement from the wonky script the page used before.

I think that’s it for the updates and furious linking in all directions for today. There’s just your old, familiar link to go:

Vote for the three panel odd story of a hilarious event that happened way back when I sketched this page.


NOW the griffin dies. xD
And that dragon also finally notices the other yummy treats. Dude, it’s like… Slow. xDDD

Well, it’s not like it have to be fast : ) It’s just a summon… It’s controlled pure, nether energy in a snakelike dragon form. It does not bleed, hurt or feel, nor can it die, because it’s not alive. And as long as its summoners are hidden and safe, it got all the time in the world to kill of the heavenly army :3

Really, the one being slow here is our dear general if you ask me : P If he had yell a bit earlier the angels could have saved some of those useless hack and slashes.

Though, by not going after the shadow-dragon-thing, they would have been leaving the griffin to be killed without a chance of being rescued. Fighting for each other is a good thing.

BTW, it’s not good to make fun of Bal for being slow to notice things since he’s crippled. >:(

( :P It’s your comic, do whatever you want. :P )

… saaay, where’s Nerfball?

Haha. the comment about Balthazar being crippled almost made me do at spit take XD You hear that, people? Don’t you dare criticize Balthazar cuz you know he’s like totally crippled and missing an eye and CAN’T HELP IT ;___;
Nah I don’t think so :P (Best comment ever though, Nails)

And daww Nerfball, look at that. People love your funky commentary so much they miss you when you’re gone :3

*kicks down imaginary door* I have arrived! Sorry, I was in hospital, getting a leg cast dontcha know? Got my left leg broken during rugby, dang huge person landed on it. Snapped like an… easily snappable thing. Bleh, I’m a bit out of it now, sorry! =P

On the plus side though, I got to scream “Medic!” when I went down. Fun, funky and eductional as to what you should yell when bad things happen. I do it all! Yay!

*high fives anyone?*

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