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September 21, 2009

Yay, guess who has the day off! I have to spend it reading 150 pages of homework, but anyway.

I finally did something about the frontpage. I hope this makes things less annoying if you use the frontpage to navigate to the new pages and easier if you are a new reader.
In celebration that the last thing on my list that I need to do about the website is to update the link section I might as well spend the nearest future spreading the word of some cool comics I’ve stumbled upon lately.

Link of the day is for The Antagonist. It’s a comic about a (failed) comic villain whose favourite pastime apparently is to analyse how stupid various comic genres are, break the fourth wall and monologue endlessly. The concept is clever and strangely entertaining and the art is b-e-a-utiful, so my warmest recommendations :)

Also, in honour of the right corner fishy guy’s greatness and his most rabid fangirl Maria I bring to you this week’s vote incentive. (She made him a theme song for goodness sake XD)


Is that the fish that followed you wherever you did go? :P


Are there more than one of these shadow dragons in battle right now? (Context clues vs. what we’re shown.)

Huh, looks like it’s time to play hide and seek. With a dragon. Greatest. Game. EVER!

Honestly, I think I’m running out of things to say. Which is scary, seeing as epic story (which is epic) is going to last a lot longer than this, and I’ve decided to comment on every single page (yay dedication?)

And hang on. Steve’s father? The dude who blatantly failed at hide and seek? Nooooooooooo! Oh the vampiranity! Why cruel God? Why must you take the fathers of minor characters before they get a single line of dialogue? Okay I’m done. Unless it turns out I wasn’t paying enough attention (likely) in which case disregard this previous “Aaaaah! Sadness attack!” statement. =P

Yeah well it’s kind of hard to comment on fight scenes. The sad thing about webcomics is that you have to drag out things that are meant to be read fast and without much thought over way too long a period of time. But yay for dedication anyhow 8D

And about the Steve’s father thing – uh, yeah, we kind of made up this whole background story about how Steve ran away as the rebellious teenager he clearly is and didn’t want to be part of the whole demon worshipping thing his evil, evil dad’s got going on XD

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