Rebound page 29

September 28, 2009

Oh no, Fishman, watch out!

Continuing the comic linking for a bit I’m gonna throw you a link to String Theory which is already awesome although it’s not much older than our Rebound here.
So far String Theory is about the slightly neurotic, slightly mad genius Dr. Schtein who, along with some fellow scientists, is working on a secret government project in a secret underground lab. The comic is pretty hilarious without being a gag strip, once again the art is lovely, and besides, I do so love a good, unpleasant main character :}

This week the incentive for voting is a sketch of Opal in a snowstorm.


Fishman sounds like every other redshirt military dude just before they get murdered by various forces of good and/or evil. Goodbye fishman! I never liked that fact that you ran around shirtless anyway! Unless you’re not dead, in which case, you’re awesome!

Also, on the subject of awesome comics: Go read pictures of you (link’d!) it’s ra-ther good innit? Or maybe I’m just one of those individualistics I’ve heard so much about. ANYWAY! Go read, enjoy! Or not, possibly! Who knows?

The dragon only headbutted Blue Fish? Instead of nomming? I wonder if that might lead to Blue Fish’s comeback.

BTW – thanks, now you’ve got me hooked on _another_ webcomic. *rolleyes*

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