Rebound page 30

October 5, 2009

Now kids, this is the main reason why we have a warning on the front page that this comic contains violence. Nasty bite marks do occur.

It’s page 30!
You know, I hate that I have to drag out all of this fight scene stuff for such a long period of time. I wish I had the time and energy to still make two pages a week, but what can you do. I hope I can keep it interesting even though our main characters will be left out for a while :)

Speaking of main characters I am working on some reference sheets for my part of the bunch. It’s not really comic related, but there is one of Balthazar so vote for a WIP. It’s October already, so votevotevote and get us up that TWC list for the new month.


Bah i say! Fishman is a main character! And he shall be in our hearts forever, even when he’s being diegested. Also Jakkers looted the the bitetastic thing, dangit.

Also, who’s this mysterious stranger with the gold inlay on his cloak thing? Must be important, because we all know that importance is measured in the amount of gold you carry on your person. Hence rappers being gods among the young uns these days. *grumbles about decline of society* What’s that guy doing anyway, is a more important question? Dragon herding perhaps?

Also, is that the 2nd death of the comic? I just realised I forgot to keep track. Doh. -.-

Yeah he’s dragon hearding. He’s the summoner of the bite happy dragon there. I guess he finds it easier to move it around when he stretches his arms out dramatically :P

I just noticed – on the guy who just walked in, on panel 2, he’s got wrinkles/scars that appear similar to the demons back on pages 3 through 7.

Also, I just noticed that you added a cover page to volume 1. Awesome!

The cover has been there the whole time ;)

Yes his skin looks weird like the vampires from the beginning. Because some of these vampires feed on the sins of other mortals it’s a common trait that all that extra sin (hellish energy) they consume make their bodies mutate. It normally starts out with them growing horns and/or getting these purple spots on their skin that look like some sort of skin disease and later swell up or go deeper and alter the muscle/bone structure. In some cases these particular vampires mutate so bad that their entire apperance changes, but most die or grow bat shit insane (and then die) in the process.

WOw, I really dropped off the map here…I just realized I didn’t update my list of favorite comics after my laptop crashed!!

It was fun to read several pages in a row though! Nicely done!!

Isn’t that our “messenger” the angel tried to gut?

Wah, amazing so far. Love the art. :3 I am bookmarking this~

Anyways, one thing on this page irks me. The summon bites his left leg and then suddenly in the next 2 panels it’s the right leg that’s being nommed the hell out of. o.o

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