Rebound page 32

October 19, 2009

It’s Monday, my vacation is over and damn it’s cold outside, boo. But not to fret when we have two lovely new sketches in the fanart gallery by Philippe Avellar!

This week’s TWC incentive adresses the fact that everyone in the group of angels on this page somehow ended up being very scantily clad õ__õ


I wonder – does the shadowy dragon roar, or make any vocal sounds?

Also, in the last panel – if the goat is moving his sword to the left, does that mean he just beheaded the summoner? … Coooool!

I don’t think it roars no. It’s more likely that it makes allot of hisses and screechy noises. It may also have as vague constant windy/sprit sound around it, since its made up of nether energies.. You know the evil substance that sins are made of : P

Goat? hmh, I always thought of him as a bull, but now that you mention it, he probably have a lil bit of goat in him somewhere.

Ouch! That one’s gonna leave a mark! Now can vampires survive without there heads? I thought it was good ol’ fashioned stab in the heart that got ridda them. It would be cool if his head said “Oh good! You have now mildly inconvenienced me.” Whilst his body keeps on fighting. Guess I need to catch up on my vampire mythos. Maybe I could read TWILIGHT! *shudders* So much hate for it. So. Much. Hate.

Also: Dudette, when you live in Scotland every single day is cold. Therefore: MAN UP WUSS! Although that doesn’t make any sense what with the whole being in a different country thing…. uh. Move along people, no inconsistencies here. Nosiree, definateyl not an ocean of difference. <..>

Haha, well we don’t really keep true to any vampire mythos anywhere ever and I personally kind of hate the classic run-of-the-mill vampire with a passion. It does not make it better when they sparkle…

Also, dude, I ain’t really complaining about the cold, it’s just not very fun in the morning when you have to bike across town without any proper shoes and you kind of have a cold :P It’s still better than the terrible heat wave we had this summer. I wish it could be spring all year.

well, actually cutting the head of a vampire (or corpse) is one of ‘the old methods’ to get rid of a vampire\zombie… check it on the eastern europe folklore.

BTW: love the story, its original comparing to other webcomics I usualy follow; keep up the good work ;)

Something tells me that the only reason Heaven even wins most of these battles is numerical and air superiority, as well as mobility.

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