Rebound page 33

October 26, 2009

I know I tend to have a morbid sense of humour, but that ’thud’ sound effect keeps making me laugh :’)

Last week was crazy busy and this one is going to be even worse, yet considerably more fun. I’m heading over to Copenhagen to see Muse play a huge concert this evening and both Maia and I are going to be at the ‘TB-Træf’ somewhere near Viborg from Friday to Sunday. I wouldn’t really call it a con; it’s more of a meet-up for members of the Danish art site Nonetheless it means lots of fun and crazy early Christmas celebration, so to anyone else who’s going: See you there :)

Once again we have new fanart in the gallery (you people seem to be on an awesome streak). This time it’s a really sweet drawing of Balthazar and Opal by our old comic buddy Henning. If you’re Danish and like American comics you ought to check out Ondskabens Flydende Vatikan (The Floating Vatican of Evil (no it does not make sense)) – It’s the comic podcast Henning runs with two other dudes.

This fine week you can vote for a sketch of Rex made by Maia.



Ooh, you really like torturing this fish guy, don’t you?

Panel three is awesome. I can’t look at it without wincing – well done!

Fish guuuuuuuy! Noooo! Now whatever you do: Don’t. Scream. Be a man you giant baby!

Also: grizzly. Comic has reached new heights of bloody goodness. Congratulations! And does anyone else think that vampire dude looks faintly depressed? Just like, y’know, “aww man. I just got these robes!” but anyway, yeah.

And yay Muse! That is all.

Something I just noticed:

At first, I thought panel four was Fish crawling away, and the dragon tossing the leg next to him.

Now, it looks like the dragon simply ceased to exist. (So, the summoner’s dead, and the shadow-dragon went back to wherever it came from?)

Maybe there is hope for Fish!

Wow…Boy I fell behind again…how’d that happen! LOL!

Great page! Actually great series of pages. War is hell and you’ve illustrated it grandly – only more so when demonic shadow dragons are around.

Been reading for a while now, but never noticed the comments down here, hehe. *feels noobish* In anycase, you really do like torturing “flying fish”, eh? You’re art style is amazing, the expressions are amazing, heck the SFX are amazing. XD

…And on a side note… Even though he’s supposed to be fish man… always thought he looked more like a dragon or some reptid than anything else. Besides, reptillian tail, and no sign of gills, and no fish lips… Yup definitely some flying dinosaur-dragon-thingy. Please keep im alive, lol. His epic mauling should earn him the right of recurring character.

Haha, welcome to the commenting portion of the site then :)
I don’t really think he’s a fish either. We just call him the fish guy because he’s got fins.. and blue skin.. and stuff :P

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