Rebound page 34

November 2, 2009

Lemur healer chick to the rescue!
Meanwhile the cowardly messenger Steve is bragging to his doe eyed girlfriend. Go vote to see, and remember, it’s a new month to get us up the TWC list.

Home again after a great weekend :D For some reason I come back covered in the first mosquito bites I’ve gotten this year. Why won’t you just die when we’re well into the fall season, mosquitoes?

Edith / Crazy-Artist drew me a pretty Opal that I’m throwing in the fanart gallery (let’s keep up the awesome streak, wooo!)

Also I’d like to point your attention to a brand new webcomic called Judecca. It’s drawn by the amazing Noora / Monkeyeye who has been a favourite artist of mine for a long, long time. I’m looking forward to see where this is going.


The Flying Fish has a good shot at life! Awesome.

Be careful of those mosquitos. They’ll ambush you when you’re wandering around in the trees.

Speaking of an ambush … O_O


Also: Steve in the voting incentive? Saved!

Steve totally deserves those bragging rights. For all the…. lack of heroism? Uhhh…. yeah. =P

And on the topic of horrible bugs when they should be dead: welp, try walking into a shed to find a whole nest of wasps. Oh god, run away! Run awaaaaaay! Not fun times! D=

Oooh, I do wonder whats coming next, suspense and intruige I believe. Or possibly just a stonking great big bear? *hint hint* =D

Definitely counting chickens before they hatched here aren’t they? I love the amputation sequence and the pain the angel is suffering through (IE it is rendered realistically)

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