Rebound page 36

November 16, 2009

Ugh, I actually overslept today (I never do that, ever) and decided to just stay home because I feel sick and weird anyway.

I’m not very happy with this page, but you can’t win them all I guess. Whine whine, I don’t have much to say today that is not whining :P

Oh yeah, to compensate for his short amount of screen time vote for a sketch of Illigo.


Dude! did mole-thing-person-doodad (seriously, what is that?) just punch the snake monster in the face? Thats awesome! That’s almost as badass as fistfighting a t-rex. I’ve seen a video of that around, I’ll see if I can find a link to it… There we go! the t-rex fight is about half way through.

I always thought Illigo looked like a bit of a pen pusher, I wonder if heaven has much paperwork? …. It’s one of natures mysteries! (Anyone who knows where thats from gets a cookie!)

Haha, “Make that tyranno-sore!” Priceless!

Heaven’s just like anywhere else I guess: If you got a leading/administrative job there’ll be paper work.

Aw, now the mole-guy is dead too …

Hey, is anyone else having trouble with posting comments?

Panel 4: Go mole-guy!

Panel 5: <:O Noooooo … <:(

There's going to be a lot of implied deaths in here, aren't there?

That looks a lot like a monitor…he definitely gave that shadow dragon a what for! Too bad he hit back harder…

I’m taking it that there is now more than one of those shadow dragons harassing the angels. This only stands to get uglier!

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