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November 23, 2009

And down the other one goes.

Haha, am I the only one who wants to see that movie 2012 really bad? Two hours of ridiculous, epic mass destruction, yes please! I loved The Day After Tomorrow for the same reason.

Then again, you only need to turn on the TV to see the UK flooded and Australia on fire. God damn it, world, it isn’t 2012 yet! D:

Vote for a bunch of quick forest concepts and see you next week!

Edit: Messed up the vote link, sorry.


I can’t tell if that guy in the bottom left corner of panel 2 is a dog or a teddy bear. :P

Anyway, kill the caster quick! Save the rest of the angels (if there are any left)!

And yeah, 2012 looks like it’s all special effects. I might get a chance to see it, since I’m on break now.

Nice way to go down. xD

By the way, 2012? Epic destruction and humor. lulz You don’t see a GIANT rolling donut crash into buildings everyday. xD

It actually has giant rolling donuts? Aww, now I just want to see it even more D:

lulz A lot of people tell me it’s a waste of time to watch.
I say whatever. I watched it for the special effects and other kinky weirdness. I didn’t watch it for the storyline.

Lol, no of course. They could have cut out the storyline all together and I’d probably still want to watch it, that’s how little I care about the storyline. Stories in typical disaster movies can occasionally be fun for the clichés and terrible writing, but are otherwise not good for anything.

All I have to say is: huzzah random red angel ka-booting giant snake demon in the face! Good work that man, what with the revenge for mole boy and all that.

And in other news: I say feh to your 2012! Give me ZombieLand any day of the week. Although I’ve not been able to go see it due to being to busy, and now its gone from the cinemas. Goooone! Nooooo!

Also: yeah, floodings a *****, the waters about an inch below the front door, kinda odd just being able to look at it and think; “y’know what? I could go fishing right now.” =P Although day off of school so yay I guess.

Yeah well I want to see Zombieland too :C But these are indeed busy days and movies always run in the cinemas too shortly. Waiting for the DVD release then.. just waiting.. like always.

I guess it’s cool to be flooded as long as the water level doesn’t rise that one inch and ruin your floor boards :P

Yeah, the storyline in disaster movies always suck. If they made a movie called “random Natural Disasters Devastate Major Landmarks for Absolutely No Reason”, I’d totally watch it.

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