Rebound page 38

November 30, 2009

That lemur chick has a serious case of Disney princess eyes, which leads me to this.

By the way, we’ve received a few requests to get a B.I.B.L.E. wallpaper done, so, anything specific you guys would like to see?
Once my group and I are done making our exam project for school I’ll have a whole month of vacation, so I’ll probably get various comic related things out of the way by then.

I also have a silly Christmas gimmick up my sleeve that I’ll try and get done while it’s still early December. Fun times :)


Dood. Wallpapers.
Balthazar and Opal doing some kickass pose with… Things behind. *brick’d*

And indeed. Lemur chick’s really a Disney princess. xDDD

….Why is that healer wearing jeans? I’m so confused. Where did she get them? WHERE? Truely these angels boggle the mind! And I’m going to assume that mole man is far to dead to be helped? Or is the the healer just a meanie face and won’t heal the mostest awesomest guy in the history of dragon punching?

And that is a fantastic vote insentive. Do like. It’s like Enchanted! But the princess is a furry! Yay?

Oh, and you know what would make an awesome wallpaper? Is it a giant bear? Why yes it is! No I will not drop that until I see it in the comc. I’m stubborn like that. XP

She’s wearing jeans because she bought them in a shop :) It might not be apparent now or for a long while, but the world of this comic is composed of much more than medieval elven fantasy land.

I seeeeee…. I believe I have just managed to make you spoil some of the later plot! In a very minor way! Slight success! Booyah! =D

They’re angels. They’re furry angels. Who cares how they get jeans? Heaven probably has its own set of heavenly tailors.

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