Rebound page 39

December 7, 2009

Hi there, Balthazar! What have you been up to?

We have all kinds of goodies for you today. First of all, since it’s December we have a silly Christmas gimmick.

These paper dolls are called ‘kravlenisser’ (translates to something like ‘crawling elves’) and are a Danish type of Christmas decorations. You cut the dolls out and hang them around the house so they appear to be crawling on your furniture doing all kinds of mischievous stuff. If you head over to the gallery you can find print sized versions of these that you can cut out and hang up :)

While you’re over in the gallery you might also want to notice that there’s a bunch of new art there.

Lastly the voting incentive this week is a pretty awesome half-finished piece by Maia.

Have fun and see you next Monday!


Awsome first panel!

That storm in the background – is that a natural consequence of shadow-dragons being in the area? Or is the storm being summoned as well, to influence the battle against the forces of Heaven?

Or is it a preminition of something even more deadly, that will pop up as soon as the shadow-dragons are finished?

It’s called a dramatic backdrop Mistah Nails!

Although it does look quite a lot like the eye of the storm from an over view of a hurricane doesn’t it? Except with giant dragons in the middle, not storms. =P

Looks like they’re ganging up to keep calling these things in. Hopefully they can root out all of the summoners before too long, or even the angels might be in trouble!

Those are some pretty Brundlefly (means cool kiddies) christmas decorations! Now if only I had a printer. D= Also quite like the fact that Balthazar looks so annoyed about it being christmas, hes the one out of them who’s mostly likely to say “Bah humbug” to all this holiday cheer, amiright?

Voting incentive is pretty as well, I do declare you two are getting better at this comic malarky. Mmm… tasty detail…

Oh, and are we getting christmas themed comics?

Not really actually. I don’t know why I make him all grumpy looking all the time. Maybe he is tired of all the silly stuff he is put through being the main cahracter and all? Or maybe he just doesn’t like Christmas. Us westerner humans and our weird traditions :P

Nope, no Christmas themed comics. Unless we make something up for the incentives that is. You never know.

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