Rebound page 4

June 15, 2009

Uh, I kind of hate this page for being a wall of text, but there was only so much I could do about it. It’s not always easy to fit all the intended dialogue into a page while having to think about page count and spreads in case we ever want to print this.
At least you get to know stuff :)

This Monday’s voting incentive is the first real sketches I did of the guys in the tent. I made the characters and Maia put some clothes on them.


I see three positions here: Horn Heads “I. AM. ANGRY! And doubt our hordes of villainous minions.” Which he should because as we all know, villainous minions do not do their work well against the featherheaded multitude of gooditude.
Mud Faces ” Lets go kick some ass and chew bubblegum! And I’m all outta GUM!” ideaology, which I like, mostly because he seems to be clinically insane. Mind you, heaven could be sending all their forces, which sounds bad for the forces of evil on paper, but as we are all genre savy types here, we all know that a small band of heroes, preferably around 4 would do a far better job than armies of faceless goons. Heaven be screwed!
And Mr.Horribly Gay Bishie Elf dudettes: “I am a yes man for the yellow bellied coward!” thing. I don’t like him more, if that were at all possible. That and his snarky demeanor totally annoys me. I want the elf dude sucker punched! Rawr! =P
Ooooh, I wonder what Ol’ Toad Face has to say about this? Personally I’m hoping he’s completely senile and just says something like “IMA GONNA STEAL YOUR SHOES!” when they ask him what he thinks. That would be awesome!
Well this travesty of a plot analysis has gone on far to long, I’ll leave you lot to puzzle through it and figure out what the hell I’m talking about, good luck!

Here, as a lil “you comment everything” treat for you. I’ll tell you something about these mens Race;
More or less all members of this race grows clinically insane over time. Some faster than others depending on how many Sins or deeds they feed upon.
Notice that Virtus Mocks Mud Face with this in the last panel ; )

So yes, even if Mud face isn’t insane yet, its just a matter of time.

And Mr.Horribly Gay Bishie Elf just reminds me of a noisy, stubborn teen on this page… so Yes I want the elf dude sucker punched too…. Butt well, If we just imagine that what he says really is; “My mom says I’m special”. He become loveable again :3 as the Mr.Horribly Gay Bishie R-tard.

Hm. I’d have to agree with a tactical retreat: outnumbered to that degree, it would be a good idea to fall back and preserve your forces for another day rather than lose it all here.

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