Rebound page 40

December 14, 2009

Man, the old lady vampire is fierce! I think she’s my favourite random character so far :D
Also, this.

Just one more week – One more week and this semester is over. Four more days, I can do this!


Go vampire lady! You scary sonofa-
… But looking at ol’ Balthazar of there waving his sword… Well, nevermind. xD

That vote incentive is quite, quite fantabulous. And made me laugh. Any ideas for a name ladies and gentlemen?

Also, surely screaming: “THEY’RE OVER HERE!” at the people who can summon the giant freakin’ dragon to nom on your face is a move that could be politely described as none to bright. Truely, your supporting characters have no survival instinct. Think they drove right on by when the common sense was being handed out.

Oh, and your people seem to be gettingprogressively more fashionable. Hoodies!

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