Rebound page 41

December 21, 2009

School kicked my ass last week and then I got sick over the weekend, so I’m spending our last bit of finished buffer. Besides, Christmas and New years and all the running back and forth to visit people is right around the corner, so I’m gonna cancel next week’s update.

Vote for a wintery doodle since we have tons of snow over here in Denmark.

Have some happy holidays everyone and see you next year, so to speak :)


Huh, I had to do a double take there, I thought Bally the not-lizard had missed, or the granny had ducked. And I was all like “holy crap! She’s an old person NINJA!” But no. My dreams have been crushed.

On noes, the hoodie is abandoning his granny! Damn you young whippersnapper, show some respect for your elders! And is that the rock guy from the fantastic 4 I see in panel 4? Sure looks like it…

Aww… the dragon is breaking apart… Maybe this is like a larvae form and he’ll grow up to be a beautiful butterfly? Which breaths fire. And death. And noms peoples faces. OKay, so maybe not beautiful as such…

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