Rebound page 42

January 4, 2010

We’re back! How’s 2010 working for you all so far? Hope you had some nice holidays and got well into the new year :)

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, but that won’t prevent me from uttering a few words about what you can expect from the comic for the next twelve months.

I don’t think I’ll be able to finish volume 1 of Rebound, but according to my very shaky calculations the majority of it should be done before next year. I kind of look forward to getting it over with since I mostly see the first volume as an introduction that establishes what everyone’s deal is, and Then the plot starts picking up.

Oho, but what Can you expect from this here first volume?
– First of all, just one more page and there’ll be actual dialogue! Haha, now there’s something that has been missing from this comic for a while. By the way, thanks for sticking with us for these many pages of fighting. I know it’s a bit tedious to read when it’s dragged out like that.
– Also, most of the remaining important characters will start popping up and they’ll bring nasty stuff and they’ll bring fun stuff, because hey, it’s not all serious business.
– We’ll be stepping up the advertising game (this includes getting some banners done already, jeez).
– Nice extra things like a wallpaper and some website maintenance ought to pop up shortly if the lack of time in the world doesn’t bite me in the behind again.

Thanks for reading, and like always; if you feel like supporting the comic and look at some extra art you can throw us a vote on TWC. I started some art meme where you have to draw your character in different ages and put Balthazar in it, so vote for my sketch. Subtle character background info, whoop.


Thats horrible! Its not a pretty pink flutterby at all! D8

However I do quite like the Lion whose all like “oh noes!” In panel 1. Aaaah disposable characters, we love you so.

And yay dialogue! … you mean the angry rawring of a dragon doesn’t count? Oh well. =P Hmm… obvious character background is obvious it would seem. Although it raises the very important question of why Bally’s dad’s hair is on fire.

Still, good luck with all this comic stuff into the good ol’ year of twentyten. Because that’s how it’s supposed to be said.

Happy new year, guys!

Whoa, wait a sec, Rebound V1 won’t be finished this year? That’s a loooooooong story arc. Looking forward to it!

… anyway, what exactly is happening to the no-longer-a-shadow-dragon? The first one just disappeared instantly when its caster died, but this one … ???

Thanks, you too!

This dragon is a bit different because it has three casters: The old lady and the two guys on this page. I guess the old lady was upholding most of it, so after her head got chopped off the dragon started falling apart. Now there’s just one guy left trying to uphold a hugeass strong dragon that can run down tress as if they were match sticks, so it’s getting unstable and apparently can’t even lift it’s own head properly anymore.

Ok, I get that.

Next question – are these technically dragons? (Is there going to be any significant difference between these summons and any other dragons, if there will be any?)

And lastly: if you’re going to make wallpapers and etc., please make one of Steve!

Well, define a dragon. Technically they are big lumps of huddled nether energy that happens to look like dragons.

Er, welll. … that’s what I’m asking you. Could you please define a ‘dragon’ as it fits into your universe?

I can’t, because there could be a gazillion different creatures who were all refered to as ‘dragons’.

Right now we have only seen the elves’ and vampires’ deffinition of dragons: Mindless summons that look a bit like flying black snakes. Somewhere else there might be big, scaly, winged lizards whom some other people call dragons. Somewhere else again people might call Balthazar and his race dragons.

In the case of dragons, who are a really loose class of creatures, it all depends on who you ask. That’s the best deffinition I can offer you.

Another one bites the dust..another one bites the dust hey hey…

Looks like the more vampires they kill the weaker these dragons get…collective magics have their drawbacks! true they last longer with more people contributing, but as the numbers go down strength and control are lost!

Excellent work.

I’m really not missing the dialogue…I’ve liked the fight scene and guessing at what’s going to happen next!

Looking forward to the next page!

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