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January 11, 2010

Whoop, I just nailed my first semester exam with top grades B) I still know how to pull this exam stuff, apparently. Two weeks of real vacation, here I come.
This sounds so strange coming from me, but I fucking love group work! Anyone who say they do not believe in team work for school projects should try being in a class where everyone actually care about what they’re doing.

I haven’t had time to draw anything but a new page this week, so vote for my very (very!) rough sketch of what I plan to make into a wallpaper.


Yeah, i don’t think i’ve ever been in a group project i’ve enjoyed. usually, all the other group members want me to do most of the work because i’m the “smart one”.

That’s one way to ruin team work. It’s no fun when everyone but one person are a bunch of free loaders, no doubt about that :/

When it Does work, it’s great though. It’s so much nicer to have a group to discuss with and be happy and annoyed with and ‘bummer, we didn’t make it’ if that’s the case, than to slave away on a project on your own.

You like group work? *laughs* no, but seriously? *laughs* Really? *falls of chair with laughter and gets a mild concussion* Okay, maybe it’s just my school, but there’s like a a dozen smart people out of 120 or so pupils in my year. And the teachers know this, so they’ll split us off into seperate groups so at least something gets done by each group rather than one group handling in something good whilst everyone else gets revealed for the slackers they are… alas!

Also good work passing your exams! Mine come up in like, 2 weeks, and I’ve barely revised yet, speaking of which, really should be off. =P

Although I do like the “OHMIDGODIMGONNADIE!” expression in the second last panel, followed by “lulwhut?”

Yeah, it’s crazy, isn’t it? :P
Nah, I’d have a bit of a problem if I disliked it when I have chosen to educate myself in a field which in most cases is nothing but endless group work/making things work between people with conflicting ideas.
It also helps to be in a great class where everyone is nice and willing to help eachother rather than determined on being slacking jerks.

Good luck on those exams of yours!

Nice save by the bear! Though, I’m kinda surprised that the remaining vampire had the strength to keep the dragon around (even if he was losing control), yet he got killed so … so easily.

Did the “lulwhat” angel knock off his halo in the last panel? :P /nitpick

BTW, the vampire and the angel on this page look rather similar. Coincidence, or plot?

Yeah, their similarity is a bit intended. I guess you could call it a plot device.

Actually we are graded by a numeric system that ranges from -3 to 12. They say it should be easily translatable to the alphabetic system, but I never got how the hell you’re supposed to do that :P Even when changing the system a few years ago, Denmark insisted on having weird grades no one else will get.

So, what would -3 convert to in alphabet land… Does it loop back round so technically it would be an X (assuming A = 0) or would it start going into punctuation, which would probably end up giving you a “!” or maybe -1 = ) , -2 = = and -3 = <

What does it spell? Thats right! The Rawr face! )=<

And I know this is the wrong comment to be replying to, but than ye kindly for the luck! 8D

Haha, that there is fabolous logic!

Actually A = 12. The scale goes: -3 (lowest grade), 0, 2 (passed), 4, 7, 10, 12 (highest grade). That’s seven different grades as opposed to the alphabetic scale which has five, and thus I can not for the life of me see how you’re supposed to translate grades between the two systems D:

Hey, what’s up with the 3rd panel?
Shouldn’t that guy look like he’s being stabbed than just like “Aww man, i’m gonna die in next panel”.
I mean the artwork is really good, the mood perfectly fits the style, and the shadings are done really well. But what the heck is with the lack of reaction?
When there is one force, there is an opposite and equal force.
That bear is stabbing the summoner like he was The Fallen One herself, but the half demon doesn’t even seem to feel the stab but can only see it enter his stomach and know that he’s dead.

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