Rebound page 44

January 18, 2010

Oooh, what are these shiny white balloon thingies? Could it be dialogue?

I spent yesterday giving the website a wee facelift (you just can’t see it yet). Mostly fixing some old, half-assed solutions and getting rid of a lot of clutter. I still need to rewrite some text before I publish the changes, so excuse me while a few things around the site look slightly messy.

Yay, I am super exited. Going to see a theatre play/dance show tomorrow, in which goddamn Saul Williams has been involved in the production/music making. I love theatre and I love Saul Williams, that wonderful, wonderful man :D

Also, incentives – I feel like we are once again at a point where I find it very hard to come up with non-spoilerish things to post, so whatever, have one of Opal and her husband.


He… He… LIVES! 8D;
Lords. Am I the only one darn happy about the hoodie kid being actually alive? :/

Oh lord the theatre. I can’t remember the last time I stepped in one to watch something.

@ Jakkers: Essentially, yes. Goddamn that hoodie meanie face. His dragon nommed some guy who was so utterly badass that he PUNCHED said DRAGON in the FACE! Just thought I’d bring up that point again. Page 36 by the way.

And yay theatre! Okay, so admittedly it has been yonks ( a technical term, which means either just over 500 miles, or about a year depending on context) since I’ve actually watched one, but I do quite enjoy the clothing (occasionally do some extra-curricular art -for the drawing- and the students who do it make some really pretty clothing for school plays, and work in groups well! =P)

Also: Holy smokes Batman! Backstory on characters! And excessive exclemation points!

Is it just me, or is there a glimmer of recognition btween this vampire and Bal?

On a completely unrelated note, this page would be awesome as a voting incentive, but with alternate conversations. You could make some hilarious situations with it. :P

Found my way over from Red Moon Rising by following the pretty banner. I do believe I’ll stick around to see how the story goes!

I’m sure it’s been commented already, but even after pages of it, I still like the idea of color-coded halos :D

Awsome so far.-is reading-
one of the angels on the first panels looks sooooo much like pikachu…

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