Rebound page 45

January 25, 2010

Wow, my mom’s car was just rammed by a tractor :S Why has every car accident I’ve been involved in been caused by someone who was supposed to be holding still? Not that I’m complaining, haha, it’s just weird.

Buh, my schedule of comic stuff to get done in my two weeks off failed horribly. There’s still lots to do. Oho, but I pretty much only have design classes for the next few weeks, so at least there won’t be much homework :}


That’s too bad about your mom’s car. I hope no one was inside it …

This vampire has consistent bloodstain on his face. Cool. I also like the extra-creepy expression he has in the last panel. Is he thinking of something in the not-too-distant future, or is he looking at another shadow-dragon sneaking up behind Bal?

Wow, being rammed by a tractor is quite a car accident. Fortunately tractors usually drive at a low speed. I hope your mother wasn’t hurt in the accident?

Nope. The tractor was supposed to stop at some traffic lights, but for some reason continued, but still at a low speed. It was a student driver, so he must have messed up or the brakes didn’t work properly or something.

Happy to hear your mother is fine (perhaps I should read the other comments first next time XD), and – wait – a student driver? Someone learning how to drive a tractor? This awkward story just got even more awkward. :P

That vampire hoodie has a major case of crazy face! It’s really quite disturbing… And that blood isn’t helping much really.

Also: Le gasp! Plot! But wait, so that giant face nomming, awesome guy killing, dragon meanie face wasn’t some kind of sin? I am quite confused. And these guys remind me dark druids from D&D. And yes that is an increadibly geeky reference, and anyone who doesn’t get it: you are so very, very lucky.

Bah, getting rammed by a tractor is the worst, happened to my schoolbus once, and I’m not even sure how that was possible. Oh well, one of nature’s mysteries. Or maybe it just comes from living in teh countryside. =P

It’d be really funny if they got Sloth instead of Wrath. They’d all sit around smoking weed, making plans, but never get around to doing anything.

lulz Hoodie boy amuses me with that face on the last panel. xDDD
He’s like… Cute. Innocent…. Like. Thing…


They are oppressed, spit-on and rejected by society. The forces of Heaven regularly commit genocide against them for existing, as far as we’ve seen.
They’re desperate, and you drove them to this.

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