Rebound page 46

February 1, 2010

Bear dude has just been waiting for a chance to do that (cue voting incentive).

Ange over at is doing a series of interviews with various longform webcomic authors about their process and the medium in general. They are appropriately called The Longform Monolouges, and, whatdyaknow, B.I.B.L.E. is featured this week. If some behind-the-scenes info sparks your interest you should go check it out :)

Over and out, you all have a good week!


Hoodie vampire’s got balz for sure…surrounded by angels and still he’s flinging shadow dragons…

Oh my, is it okay for an Angel to take the Lord’s name in vain? LOL!

Congrats on the interview!

No, no. I’m pretty sure th angel was using the phrase correctly, as in he’s got clearance to ask God to ‘damn’ that abominable thing and the evil summoner to wherever it is they’d be damned to… or something.

Face huggers! D8
Will Bally end up with a tiny dragon bursting out of his stomach?

And y’know, you really need to retcon a curly mustache onto the bear dude. He would become the best character in this story, even better than Steve!

Oh, and @Tigershark: I’m fairly certain having a tiny dragon facehugger chew out your face is proabably good enough a reason to scream God damn. Good thing this isn’t a swearing comic, otherwise we’d have been treated to a good ol’ fashioned F-bomb.

Mini-shadow-dragon, I choose you! :P

It’s too bad Bal didn’t see that coming. He lost face. :P :P :P

In the last panel: There seems to be a rumor mill amongst the angels. … What’s the current rumor, I wonder?

@Nerfball – I challenge that notion. No character will ever best Steve.

I accept this notion, but only if we get some Steve related fan art at some point in the future. Saaaaaay, that gives me an idea. To the art-motron!

I think we have a good idea what happens to the demon-elves but what happens to those angels if they get killed? Just wondering what you’re thinking is.

Does that little lizard guy behind the tree have a mandolin? :-)

Did anybody else notice the symbols on his halo? .3.

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