Rebound page 47

February 8, 2010

A thumbs up for Rampage Network today since B.I.B.L.E. is now kindly hosted by them. RN is the home of many a great webcomic like Red Moon Rising, Trying Human and Astray3, just to mention a few I check up on myself. It’s pretty cool to be in such fine company :)

Another random comic plug for Axe Cop because it made me laugh so much I cried. Axe Cop is the genius of a 5 years old boy drawn by his much older cartoonist brother about a.. well.. axe cop. Check it out!

Whew, lots of plugs today. Have a good time.


Yeah, let’s not jump to conclu- Hey! Angels get paid for this? Sign me up, yo! >:3

It’s probably that they don’t get a good dental plan … or maybe there’s insane insurance rates for being nommed by the unholy forces of darkness. I dunno.

What’s the angel in panel four, standing next to the fox? And for that matter, what’s the one next to the goat?

Green is medics, red is soldiers, and patterned red is officers. Perhaps the patterns differentiate between ranks?

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