Rebound page 48

February 15, 2010

New people in the comic, exiting!
Might as well tell you the girl’s name is Nicole :)

Ughh, colouring all the green green grass on these pages reeeally makes me wish that the snow that has been laying around for over two months would just Go The Hell Away! It’s stupid how much winter and snow and cold can get to me, but I’m starting to feel very tired and burnt out over everything.
Can it be spring now? Pretty please?


Yes, I’m pretty tired of cold and yuck too…though I don’t have the snow to contend with, so chances are your doldrums are probably a lot more intense!

New characters are always good…looks like the healers definitely have their hands full with all of this!

That one character she is healing looks like the Wolfman…is that intentional or am I inserting meaning that doesn’t belong?

Another great page!

Well I thought of that guy as A wolfman when I drew him, but it wasn’t supposed to be a nudge towards that new movie or anything if that’s what you were thinking. I don’t even think I had seen the trailers for it yet back when I drew this anyway :P

Oh, okay…still very very cool page!

acording to the carton EON(norwegian) they become stars when they die. in other words if you want a nice and perfect star on the cristmas night all you need to do is kill a angel and burn in hell for all eternity butsince you did see a sush nice star you dont care

It’s been snowing the entire day yesterday and today.

It’s february.

I’d really like to see a change of weather.


To change the subject… Where do angels go when they die? Can they die at all? Or do they just get wounded badly?

Why is it that no one appreciates winter? <:( It's an awesome time of year for skiing, snow fights, hot chocolate, and curling up next to the fire (or space heater).

I'll tell you what's awful, it's spring. No one likes the slush, or the mud after the slush melts away.


Anyway, grass in the forest? … ??? Magical grass?

And: A new character! Cool.

Make that two new characters. Cooler. And the one’s afraid of blood – oh, he’s going to have a field day on the front lines. :X

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