Rebound page 49

February 22, 2010

Nicholas has the attention span of a five year old.

Mmyup, I don’t really have anything to report today. The new incentive doodle is pretty cute if I may say so myself; you should go check it out :}


At least Bal seems to be holding on to some hope. And his face doesn’t look like it was shredded very badly.

Nicholas’ bedside manner needs a little work.

Say, where has Nerfball been for the last couple of weeks?

I agree with boss-man’s notion, because things look pretty grim for the angels. They should’ve brought the fearless cherubs.

It took me a while to understand what was going on, but this is pretty cool. I liked the The Creation comic a little more, but then again it’s finished while this is still being written. Is there any sort of timetable for updates?

Yeah that’s understandable. Rebound is still in an introductionary state where everything is pretty up in the air.
There’s a new page every Monday :)

So is that Goblinscomic every monday or really regular? Not that I would blame any artist for not finishing on time, much rather have a well drawn comic, than a timely one.

Um, I’m sorry what?

Sorry, I had my riddler clothes on and had to do that mystic thing there…

Are you often late with the strips?

Haha, well thanks for unriddling :P I was like ‘gebuhh, what is he asking? What’s this got to do with Goblins? Is he even asking me??’

We have a buffer of pages going so there’s always a page done in advance to upload. That way there’s no being late ;)

Quite alot of decisions here on my favourite character.
Re-read this comic alot of times, and I have to say, I like Nicolas the most. XD

he’s so cute and silly. -gushs face at him- Holidays are coming up for me, I’ve been planning on doing some fanart for your guys, absolutely adore this comic!

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