Rebound page 50

March 1, 2010

Nicole takes things way too personally.

Oh hey guys it’s page 50! Not that big a landmark, but a landmark nonetheless, and 50 is the most pages I’ve ever made for a comic project. Not even the sketch pages I made for this comic I started when I was 13 exceeded 50 I don’t think. Halfway to a hundred is pretty cool too, right?
Anyway, in celebration I finally went and made that wallpaper I said I would make – You can find it over in the gallery in various resolutions :)

Thanks for reading everyone, you are all awesome!


Yes! Congrats! Good show! :3
Umm, so are those shinies on her bandolier like angel badges or just pretty thingies like her belt buckle? And also, is she in the wrong halo group? lol (Poor Nick!)

So what happens to the maimed angels? Do they go to the disabled angels club? Can they be fixed by Furry Jesus? (sacrilege! sorry!)

Also, is this a furry universe or are the angels supposed to come from all universes/worlds that have different species? Just wondering if a random Human angel would show up. :-)

Great comic!

All great questions, there. I suppose that they get a thank you note, a firm handshake and a box of chocolates. :p

Maybe they’re promoted to management? Guardian angels? Consciences for politicians?

No chocolate then?

A box of chocolate at the very least, haha.

Also, wysiwyg: Yes there are multible worlds and though generic furry species are common they’re not all there is. Just look at the elves and vampires for example or some of the angels that have been popping up in the backgrounds.
There are ordinary humans too, but humans are spechul and don’t take up much space among the billions of other species in this universe.

Congrats on 50! I hope Nerfball stops by soon.

You know, I have to wonder if Nicole and Nicholas were siblings before they became angels.

Oh, and great details! ;) I wonder if, sometime in the future, something real bizarre will happen, that you’ve been painting in the details for all along.

*pokes The Nails with a stick*

I’m still here, its more just y’all seem to have a community growing up around here now, and mayhaps my particular brand of lunacy might scare away some of the goons (or lead to insulting, which makes me sad, at one point some told me to go away for writing proper english, rude I say.)

I’ll pop in to talk if there’s something shiney and/or awesome happening. Speaking of which: 50 pages! Huzzah! Reach 88 and you’ll be a century strong (turns out roman centuries only had 88 people in them instead of 100. The more you know.) I am a history geek. XD

Anyway! Good work on reaching this milestone. Here’s to your next 50, and all the rest after that. What what, tallyho and all that.

Aww, don’t feel like you aren’t welcome or that you scare people away, not at all. I for one always find your commentary highly amusing and if some other people don’t then too bad for them.
Thank You good sir Nerfball for commenting on the majority of those 50 pages and keeping good spirits as we started this stuff out :)

I really like how you take small details into account, like the halo moving out of the way on the injured angel and hovering over his snout rather than dragging in the dirt!

And the general is still the general…wow…that seemed insensitive…

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