Rebound page 51

March 8, 2010

Moving on to a small scene change again.

Good lord, Adobe Flash is a cruel and horribly slow program. It also hates my wacom tablet and decides to crash when I dare use it – preferably when I haven’t remembered to save. I have to get a minute’s worth of animated film done by Wedensday and it is killing me, augh :X

It appears TWC is having some sort of glitch so I can’t log in and change the vote incentive right now, sorry.


Wait, now that I see them from the back, how do angels fly? I mean, the whole weight to wing ratio doesn’t really add up here…

Or is this the case of the whole bumblebee thing, where they made a failed math check?

Or like dragons, where they neatly get around that whole flying thing by magic?

Anyway, still liking the art going on here, and the setting’s sweet. Can’t wait to see the story unfold.

Haha yeah, they have a pretty bad case of the bumblebeee syndrome going on, I know. They purposely don’t have very big wings because the wings are already a pain. Making them bigger would make some angles impossible to draw without them being cluttered up by feathers.
Let’s just say they fly by the magic of God *is brick’d*

(six years later)
A simple solution would be magic. Clarify that the wings are more symbolic or decorative than functional, and that they actually fly through magic or some-such.

Hah, Nicole’s got sass. That’s probably going to get her killed isn’t it? Her brother and her make a good double act though, is good to see characters who play well off of each other, now all we need is some Three Stooges-esque demons waltzing about, and this comic would be the greatest I have ever read.

And I do so like that reaction to the arm stump, made me laugh. XD

So, it seems like the angels are using a church as a base of operations? That will be an interesting place to see.

call me crazy, but I cant shake the feeling of Nicole’s muzzle color making it look like she has four o’ clock shadow. geh, beard women.

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