Rebound page 52

March 15, 2010

Unusual looking gryphons are the greatest fun in the world. Also, Opal!

I’m feeling pretty shitty at the moment and have felt so for a while now. I’m tired and sick and stressed out all the time and I just need a breeaaakkk already. I do not handle stress well and have tipped myself into depressions over it before. I’d rather avoid repeating that.

I considered cancelling next week’s page and just prevent myself from doing anything at all this week, but you know, I would hate doing that when we update so slowly already.
I think I’m gonna make a compromise and just colour a page so I have something to upload next week. We still have a few pages of outlined buffer going so I can do that and It’ll cut the workload in half.

Anyway, if I do fail horribly all of a sudden and can’t come up with a new page now you know what’s up.

Well… to end this on a less serious business note, let’s have some music 8D


Hang in there, Gitte! *waves pom-poms*

You take care of yourself first, we can handle slower updates.

I side with the man who is manly enought to pull of the pom poms look. What colour are they, may I be so bold as to enquire?

And good lord, you link’d to the mighty boosh? Really? Sigh, now here’s some music worth listening to:

Nothing beats the eels song, ever D:

And both of you: Thanks for understanding. I’ll most likely be fine with a couple of weeks of cutting corners and taking it easy, though.

Also: Good lawks, srs business is SRS!

‘Kay, here’s the thing dood, we (well I certainly) don’t mind waiting a wee bit longer for comics, quality over quantity is what methinks. The work is worth waiting for, and the art improves all the time, I can wait, so it’s fine by me boss.

And far more importantly: Youtube msuic links are the most SERIOUS BUSINESS OF ALL! All caps srsness, that is how srs it is. Even warents a correct spelling, dontchaknow?

I completely agree with everyone here, I’d rather have a slight delay on the comic, than knowing you’re working yourself down cause of it.

And since we’re doing a youtube music link theme, I’ve got just the thing here:

Gawd, let me reply with this really disturbing song Maia linked me some day if you haven’t already heard it: (in Danish everyone else, sorry)

That sounds like “Layla”. Got a translation in English?

Haha, no, sorry. It’s about a cow named Rosa who hasn’t been milked so her udder ends up blowing up. The lyrics are pretty serious sounding, that’s the worst part.

Knowing that singer, it’s all probably very metaphorical… However, it’s still a song about a moo cow dying horribly. You dirty, horrible girl! Linking animal snuff songs!! :p

Would you mind telling me what’s up with the halos? Why are they green or red, glow, have the designs (Balthazar), or just solid? I’m pretty sure the designs are for the generals and the glowing is a sign of a higher rank, but I’m not sure.

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