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March 22, 2010

Oh no he di’int. Yeah, sorry, just.. yeah…

I was sick for one half of last week and had my classes cancelled for the other, so basically I ended up having that break I so needed and did nothing much more demanding than playing Final Fantasy all week.
I feel a lot more on top of my game now, and it makes me endlessly happy that it’s now warm enough that I can wear my good shoes without having my feet soaked – No more blisters, yay!

There a new piece of fanart up, I think that’s all the news I have today.


Mean old Balthazar!

Where *do* Cherubim come from anyway? Are they hatched from eggs laid by one huge bird-woman? Just wondering. :-)

Oh, no! He’s becoming… jaded! Or… He sees the cherubim as hardy enough to take down a dragon or two while he execcutes the surprise attack.

Or something…

I wonder… Would ‘harpy’ happen to be another name for ‘cherubim’? The cherubim sure remember me of harpies…

But perhaps I’m just confusing two things here, I don’t know all that much about mythological creatures.

Not exactly. In the Bible cherubim are described as a type of angels with four faces (lion, ox, eagle and man) and multiple wings. The biblical cherubim are said to be based on some sphinx like creatures called shedu which our cherubim are based on. If I remember correctly the biblical cherubim also have legs like an ox (they are like the worst hybrid freaks ever).

Harpies are aggressive bird ladies from Greek mythology. Our cherubim also look like agressive bird ladies, so yeah, they have that in common :)

Funny you ask by the way; the vote incentive I put up today says a bit about this too.

Ah, thank you for the information, I always confuse myths with each other. I would’ve read the information on the vote incentive if I didn’t keep forgetting to vote…

If Opal is acting as Bal’s “good” conscience, then I don’t want to see who would be acting as his “bad” conscience.

… wait, yes I do. :P

Awh, it’s a vulture-gryphon, not a vulture-angel.

Also, cherumbim cannon-fodder. Who also happen to be hand-picked servants on the most powerful angel of heaven. Who, by the way, already doesn’t like Bal.

I can see nothing wrong with this plan.

Take your best flyers and make havoc with every bunch of summoners you can find. Split them into several groups so that they think it’s your full force, and then take your strike team on foot. You really shouldn’t lead it yourself, though: relegate that task to a lower-ranked officer. That way, if the strike fails, your forces can mount an attack to take advantage of the confusion instead of falling apart and scattering.

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