Rebound page 54

March 29, 2010

I bet she packs a mean punch the little lady.

There won’t be a new page next week since I’m out of town for my Easter break. Going over to Maia’s place, actually. I’ll try and see if I can make up for it later, but no promises.


Heh, Bal looks like that tickled. :P

And there’s more characters to look forward to – cool!

Enjoy Easter, and see you in two weeks. ;)

what a nice boss Balthazar is.

I wonder if Mikael is that good humored about getting punched.. Perhaps not.

On a probably unrelated note: what did happen to Balthazar’s eye anyway?

It was ruined in the same fight where he got most of the rest of those scars in his face, so it was removed. Being a general comes with some battle scars.

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