Rebound page 55

April 12, 2010

Looking real enthusiastic there, Balthazar

Home again, a year older and back on the metaphorical horse that is webcomics, yeehaw!

It’s kind of bugging me whether I have let Illigo leave enough of a small impression to not have people go ‘who the hell is Illigo?’ over this page. Well I’m not so worried if you have been following the comic since his last appearance or before (that’s a long time), but if you read the pages in succession?
Meh, just a small detail anyway.

Edit: Haha okay, let’s devote a link to who this Illigo guy was again [link]


Ok, first of:

I really like your comic, the art is great, the story very promising and I especially liked the intro…


Are those really little Swastikas on Balthazars halo?
I know, it’s a hinduistic symbol after all, but, well…
Eh, maybe I’m just overinterpreting it because I’m german…

Anyway, looking forward to more see more of opal :D

Yes they are swastika. I’m Danish myself and know they continue to be a touchy subject, especially since a lot of people don’t know that the nazis didn’t invent the symbol (you obviously know, yay), but I decided to go with them because they make sense in the context of the universe.

The swastika are as hinduistic-ish as they can get – straight rather than slanting and would have dots in between the arms if you could see them – so please take them for that :) They’re not meant to be offensive.

Oh and thank you for your nice comment of course!

I really really like this story, dunno if I’ve said that yet…

So are we supposed to remember who Illigo is or not? Because I don’t. *checks archives*

Thank you. I don’t know if you’ve said so either, but thank you regardless :)

Well, he’s not important or anything, but he has been called by name, and I just have a feeling this page can make you stop and think ‘umm, who are they talking about again?’. Looks like I was right, but like I said, if you’ve been reading for a while I wouldn’t expect you to remember him. At all.

Let’s see….Illigo was the…BLUE GUY, right? Right?

I have absolutely no idea. Sorry.
Still! That doesn’t make this comic any less amazing!

Lol I knew who Illigo was before you put up the link, yay me! XD
I hope he isn’t dead, I mean all we saw was him fall through the trees bloody, so maybe there is hope? Maybe Nicholas wandering around in the background can shed some light on whether or not he is among the healers…hm?

Cant wait for the next update. ^_^

From the link it looks like not even his own troops really recognize him…
Meh, reading the archives to find out who that character is who I really should remember is fun!

Even though we only briefly saw Illego, I still get the sense that his death was too sudden. He seemed like a good friend of Balthazar. It kind of makes me sad.

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