Rebound page 56

April 19, 2010

Ennet is the black alien guy, Matthew is the white mouse, Louis is the shark and Monique is the salamander lady in case you want to get your names straight.

Oh yeah, we’re gonna have an extra update on Friday, guys.
Said I would make up for my absence during Easter, and I had a remarkable lot of time on my hands last week, so there you have it.
I also rreeeally just want to move things along from this scene. We’re getting to the good parts, yay!

Unrelatedly; you know that movie Kick-ass? Go watch it! Let’s just say it lives up to its name :D


Illigo must have been a good liutenant and friend. Bal seems pretty shaken.

Unrelated: Saw Kick-Ass at the midnight premiere – it was awesome! And I guess I’m kind of glad that they got rid of the depressing parts from the original book – audiences would’ve likely walked out.

Gawd, the book was more depressing? I thought the movie was depressing enough at certain points. Still, it’s pretty wonderful when something can make you feel like :C and :D at the same time.

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