Rebound page 57

April 23, 2010

Friday update!
Don’t get used to it :P (At least not just yet.)


Alright, I wont. What I would like to get used to, is more time spend on watching you drawing these here pages. :p

Thanks for the update. :)

Afraid I can’t offer that. I’m usually several pages ahead of what I upload, so it’d just be spoilerish.
Maybe I should arrange a live stream when working on something else, though. It’s pretty fun :)

Earlier, someone mentioned that Bal’s halo has swastikas on it. I hadn’t noticed that the other warrior angel’s halos are flat red.

Oh, and Bal’s halo has an extra glow about it. That’s cool, but it may present some difficulty in situations when secrecy is necessary.

’twas me who mentioned it. :)

Sooo, i’ve got kind of a stupid question here, but wouldn’t it be kinda inappropriate for an angel to use the curseword “hell”? ^^

the thought of seeing such rich character designs being used as conon fodder at some point makes me sad. THough I’m loving every single design!

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