Rebound page 58

April 26, 2010

Virtus! I’ve missed that guy. I automatically love grumpy old man-characters with a passion XD

I tried printing some of the pages on my granddad’s awesome printer this weekend and they look great in print! I so look forward to finishing Volume 1 just so we can print the damn thing and I can get myself a fancy book :P
I suppose we’re halfway, so, getting there, getting there…


For some reason I like this page, it may be because I have a thing for ruins and magic circles.. But why couldn’t we have a female virgin sacrifice? Everybody knows they’re more potent. Something to do with representing purity, I believe..

I’m not complaining – the pretty blond elf boys are pretty. ;)

And for all we know he IS a virgin. Why does it have to be a female to represent purity?

Please, please, please make this vampire guy give off one little sparkle briefly before he gets disembowled and has his soul torn out (if there is one). >:)

On the other hand, I really really really hope this is not Steve.

That reminds me of a scene in a story I’m writing, in which a priestess uses herself as bait to destroy a demon. It involved a similar structure to that. It didn’t work right, and she ended up trapped in another dimension and possessed by said demon… Pretty much a lose-lose situation for both of them. XD

Love love love this page. Its so dark and I love the bad guys. Their horns are pretty much amazing, I’d get implants if I could. Also, your art is fantastic, keep up the good work! (Wish you’d update more!!!)

So, I think the sin they’re going to summon is “wrath”, am i right?
The statue on the pillar looks like it, and there were a couple other appearances, including the banner on top of the page…

I love Rex’s face is panel 2. He’s like “Nice place you’ve got here, Virtus. The pillars kinda clash, though”

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