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June 22, 2009

This week I am so grateful we have a buffer!

Maia is going to be away for a week and she usually does the flat colours on the pages because I am so goddamn slow at that.
On top of that my neck is busted (again). It hasn’t been doing too good since I woke up one day earlier this year pretty much unable to turn my head and with every muscle tied to my neck tensed up like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I spent two weeks rolled up on the couch waiting for my chiropractor treatment to work back then and now it has gone all haywire again. It’s nowhere near as painful as last time, but it’s still no fun :/ I guess I have no choice but to pay my chiropractor a visit.

I don’t know how I’m going to finish my two page quota for this week and I am already feeling way behind. Man I hate not keeping my deadlines, but hey, nobody ever said it was easy running a webcomic :)

Today I have nothing better to offer you for an incentive than a retarded doodle of Rex and Wrath.

Anyway, now I’ll run off to the record store to get my grabby hands on the new album from The Mars Volta! See you Friday!


*Gives pity to the one with the broken neck* Altough you could just try phoning up the life helpline and asking for a mail order replacement neck, although the replacement itself could prove problematic. And you should not have to visit the chiropractor, chiropractor should visit you! Do they not know that you have a comic to run? =P I wonder if the chiropractors are like a clan, and that you need to be one of them to get treated well. Hmm… sorry, got sidetracked there. Where was I? Ah yes! The comic, I knew I was forgetting something!

Heh, I like how yon melt faced man (who I have already forgotten the name of =P) has kind of resigned himself to his arm rest fate. It’s endeering! Possibly. And anyway, what the heck is navel gazing? Doesn’t sound like much of a hobby to me. Unless it’s heavens equivilent of the internet. I wonder if they have this comic up there?
Also on a vaguely on topic note *audible gasp!* I like the shadow work on this thing, mostly because I like my details. Anyhoo! I’m done here, places to be, comics to comment on.

Ah, if only mail-order replacement necks existed, I could really use that right now.
Aw, and I like my chiropractor XD She is my hero. It’s just too bad that chiropractors are not part of the free Danish health insurance :/

another comic i hope you all will enjoy ^_^

This isn’t the place to advertise. That’s uncool.

sorry Y_Y

It’s alright, just don’t spam the comment area with links and stuff :) Like The Nails says, this isn’t an ad space.

*whimpers and droops wplfy ears*

Wow I cant believe how long it has been since I came to this site. 2009 that was so long ago…and I cant believe I actually made this post so long ago. Ugh, my God I cant believe how dumb I was when I was younger.

Its so embarrassing. Still I’m glad to see the comic is still going and still as amazing as it was when I first found it.

… So, just how many sins / demons are there in that camp? (We don’t know if it’s just those five.)

Who, these guys? These guys aren’t sins, they’re of a race called ‘soul vampires’. And it’s propably just the five of them at this spot, doesn’t really matter.

If Mikael DID rain a flood of angles upon them, it would probably be pretty painful. All pointy, and occasionally obtuse….*shudder* not my kind of thing.

Interesting to see you use the Danish spelling. In fact, think this is the first webcomic I’ve seen made by Danes =) and I currently have 81 of them bookmarked. Going to enjoy reading this, and greetings from Århus.

Actually his name is only spelled that way to give an idea that it’s not supposed to be pronounced ‘Michael’ but rather ‘Mika-él’ with emphasis on the ‘el’ like in the other angel names. For a long time I considered making it ‘Miguel’ instead, but I don’t know, I ended up with this.

That’s a nice idea, the emphasis on El. Probably a better solution than Miguel, which would just make people wonder why the Spaniards are running Heaven.

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