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May 10, 2010

Fabulous news: B.I.B.L.E. has been nominated as ’Best Danish Online Comic’ by the Danish comic con
This is super rad and a little bit weird! Maia and I are gonna be at the award ceremony on May 21. with a bunch of supposedly very famous comic people whom I wouldn’t know the next thing about because I don’t know anything about published comics, yay! XD

We’re also gonna be on the festival Saturday. There will be an area with webcomic related stuff, but urrhhh that’s about all I know right now. Hopefully I’ll know a bit more next week.
Anyway, those of you who are Danish should come stop by too :)


Yay! A Danish comic gets noticed in a good way! :-p

You deserve it, this is a wonderful comic with a great story and wonderful art.

Tapir guy should really transfer to another job. xD Something with a nice boring desk, maybe.

Congrats on the nomination, you guys deserve it! <3

That is completely and totally rad in every way! Congrats! You guys deserve it~

What IS so totally weird is that my name is Maia too :D

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