Rebound page 61

May 17, 2010

Mr. white knight to the rescue!

Bleh, these last pages with lots of sound effects really remind me of how terrible I am with typography. I try my best :C

Anyway, so,
Like I’ve already mentioned there’ll be an area dedicated to webcomics at the festival and us and a bunch of other webcomic-people will have flyers and print-outs and stuff lying there.

Maia and I, along with Stine from StineStregen who is also a nominee in the webcomic category, will have a table between 10:00 and 12:00 Saturday where you can come say hi. We’ll probably just sit there for a few hours and chat with people and draw or whatever. It’ll be fun :)


Well folks, don’t worry about the white knight, he’s mostly ‘armless!

Let’s give him a hand folks!

And it looks like he’s quite stumped as to why that vampire ain’t dead. Eh? Eh?

Lordy those were terrible. But then again, it made me laugh XD

Good luck with the webcomics festival doo-dad! If I wasn’t allllll the way over here in Scotlandshire I would totally visit, but alas, such is life.


and mr. knight have got some fangrl potential, congrats :P

If you can get to Slagelse I can get you a ride to Copenhagen (and you can sleep at my place). We can fit one more person in the car :P (Oh my god, I don’t have room for all these people I keep inviting along).

Also, oh yeah you have no idea.

Dude’s arm is getting chewed off and he still believes he can hold off the dragon.

That’s so awesome.

If these are the guys that are getting killed off, I can’t wait to see the crazy powerful guys who live!

Either that or the only people who live are the ones who can run really, really fast. Or have the magical deus ex machina powers. At any rate, it should be interesting.

Well, that’s the thing about heaven, ain’t it? They aren’t terribly strict on admittance and have dozens and dozens of species, possibly hundreds. We’re talking nigh-unlimited forces. Doesn’t really matter if a few die, here or there. They’ve got reserves.

That guy seems remarkably calm about having a dragon chomping on his arm.. An hey! Is this a nod to the story about Bragi, when he had his arm chomped off by Fenris?

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